Eliminate the Hurdles and Speed up Data Adoption
PointData provides an API for our customers to query our rosters. If additional rosters are required, a request must be entered and the data will appear in your feed shortly (~2 weeks).
Transparent and Trusted
All of our updates to the rosters are logged and shared with our partners. This allows for troubleshooting of historical issues and provides piece of mind as your rosters are continually updated.
Accurate data is the most important factor in correctly processing rebates. As such, we are reviewing our sources on a daily basis for changes, quickly making updates.
Easy Access and Action
Every business has unique rules for determining their roster. With PointData, it is easy to quickly modify which GPOs, IDNs and even sites are accepted at a given partner. All of these are able to be changed via the customer in their data portal with the updated being communicated in real time through an API connection. Partners also have the ability to be alerted and/or accept any new sites before they are populated within their roster data-set. Migrating to PointData is easy with only an API connection required to get started. Contact us to get started discussing your resources and needs.