Professional services are available from PointData to install processes, procedures and solutions which enable high performance membership operations. In addition, we can also supply staff augmentation and management services to meet short or long term needs.

The following is a summarized outline of our professional services. We can combine or add additional specializations depending on your needs and consultant availability.

Contracting Strategy
Contracting involves numerous stakeholders, systems and processes. Oftentimes, we have seen an overarching program, which is necessary to ensure everyone is moving towards the same strategic goals – increasing customer satisfaction while lowering the total cost to serve.
Quantifying Change Impacts
How can an organization improve, without key objectives to improve and quantifying the value of making the change? Our team has extensive experience calculating impacts on a complex, regulated environment.
Organizational Assessments
Do we have the right people on the right teams? We’ve seen structural issues associated with team structure impacting the ability to quickly service rebate requests.
Process Excellence
Process mapping and detailed deep dives allow us to understand the entire end-to-end process and more importantly identify areas for further improvement. We would recommend this prior to any new system implementation, as we don’t want to engrain any bad processes.
System Design & Implementation
We can assist in documenting requirements, configure vs. customize discussion and work with developers to deliver quality software.

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