Here are the elements of the PointData solutions:

  • API connection for pharmaceuticals companies
    Companies can connect up directly to our platform via the API. This makes it easy to quickly modify which GPOs, IDNs and even which websites are accepted by a given partner. Yet all this data can be modified in real time by PointData right in the customer’s data portal, rapidly and easily, via our API. Customers are also updated in real time.

  • Cloud-based platform for data management
    The PointData platform uses our specially designed proprietary applications to manage data for our clients. Data from rosters is structured, cleaned and enriched so that is can be validated by third-party sources, and then put to work by the pharmaceuticals company. Our real-time management saves your company significant amounts of time and money.

  • Rebates management
    Managing rebates involves working with a large number of stakeholders and with extensive data on the pharmaceuticals value chain. Our platform can take over rebates management, keeping track of payments and related data. This saves time and money and enables more effective profiting from rebates.

  • Contracting Strategy -- providing a comprehensive program
    Contracting involves numerous stakeholders, systems and processes. We find that a comprehensive program is necessary to ensure all stakeholders are moving towards the same strategic goals. The object is to increase customer satisfaction while reducing the total cost of service.
    Process Excellence
    We map all the processes involved in GPO and IDN roster management, making deep dives to assess every detail. This enables us to understand the entire end-to-end process and, more importantly, identify areas for further improvement. We recommend a process examination to all our clients prior to any new system implementation. We take great care to preserve the efficient working of your technology, and we ensure that the changes we make will only bring improvements.
    Quantifying the Impact of Changes
    Pharmaceuticals companies work in a complex environment, and it is difficult for an organization to improve its operations without identifying key objectives and linking them to clearly quantified values? Our team has extensive experience in calculating the value of impacting changes in a complex, regulated environment.
    Organizational Assessments
    Providing services like rebates which require streamlined team efforts is often challenging for pharmaceuticals firms. Do you have the right people on the right teams? We can assess your organization for operational efficiencies and determine how to make your teams work at optimum levels.
    System Design and Implementation
    We can assist in documenting requirements, configure vs. customize discussion and work with developers to deliver quality software.

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